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Good for you, FLChickie!! I too am finally seeing some movement on my scale. WHEW!

I started doing WeightWatchers for the first time ever a few weeks ago and have seen a significant loss. I think It's The Food Journaling, Dummy! Yes....I'm 55 years young and have never written down everything that passes my lips. Now I'm taking it very seriously...planning my food strategically if we go out to eat and I feel like I'm finally controlling my food instead of it controlling me. It suddenly occurred to me (duh!) that when we share food with people we love, it's not WHAT we eat, but who we eat it with. I can enjoy the experience just as much, if not more, by staying on plan and feeling great when I walk out of the restaurant. I think this is finally it for me, after yo-yo'ing for decades.
Slooowly getting to goal by walking 6 to 9 miles a day at work!
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