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Good Morning Ladies

Well another day,won't be able to get my walking in this morning as we are waiting for the gas man to replace the corroded pipes in the back of our house. One of the owner painted the pipes several years ago with regular paint. Now the gas pipes are peeling and rusty.The STUPID person was TOLD not to paint them,but did he listen,no.If we have a leak GA-BOM!! We'd be gone,all of us in this building.This man is a total idiot,didn't he think that he putting us all in this bldg in danger.Other than that everything is OK.

I think I'm in ketosis,as I have a horrable breath this morning Yuke!! I need some mints.

Lilybelle-Sorry about your hubby coming down with swollen lump glands.It one thing when the kids get it,but when adults get it its worse. Hope hes feeling better soon. Boy this thread is slow this morning.

Have to get ready for the day

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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