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Morning Ladies!!

Faye: What great news that Jack is doing so well!! It's so refreshing that he has such a great sense of humor about everything! I hope you're getting better rest and are getting closer to eating the way you want to again!!

Cottage: I feel your pain!!! You can do it! I know you can. I fell into the stress-eating trap last night and I feel like I've gotta work extra hard to make up for it!! NOT FUN!!!

RMT: Your dinner last night sounded delish!! I wish I had eaten that well! Ribs, salad, veggies...SO much better than the Big Mac, fries and coke I had. I guess if you're gonna "cheat", it's much better to do it your way!!

Ruth: You be careful driving! I love seeing the deer when they're WELL off the road! Don't go TOO crazy running aroud today!

Well, day's off to a great start for me! Woke up refreshed (after 6 GOOD hours of sleep last night -- I'm definitely getting better at sleeping when DH is gone), and spent the morning straightening up the little messes around the house. I'll dust and vacuum tonight so the house will be all clean when DH gets home tomorrow. I'm so excited!!

Work is more inspections, but this time in a subdivision, so I should get a lot of walking in!! I'm also meeting a friend from work at her son's peewee football practice to walk around the track for an hour! Whew...

Have a great morning/day/evening (in case I don't check back in)! Hope the coffee's hot and delish!

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