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Good morning gals! It is a nice fall morning here, 63 degrees, but it is going to be warm later on today around the low 80's.

Ruth: Hope your running doesn't take you all day. I have vacuuming upstairs today so if you start yours you can do mine. I have one of those Wind Tunnel things and they weigh a ton. I have to drag the darn thing up the stairs by myself now that Jack can't do it for awhile. I have more muscle aches from carrying in groceries, dragging the vacuum, carrying clothes upstairs, etc all the stuff he usually does for me. I am going to have to give him a big gold star on the fridge I think!

Rosalind: I posted Monday but couldn't get in here yesterday. It was kind of nuts. Jack had developed nausea that we couldn't get rid of and his surgeon has his one and only office hours day yesterday so his nurse didn't get back to me until around 5 PM. In the meantime, I scrounged the internet and found a forum about migraines where one of the ladies said she gave her kids Emetrol for tummyaches so I went and got some of that and gave it to him and 20 minutes later he was asleep and woke up without nausea and even ate some dinner.

Cottage: I will add some dust with the rest..... and some cheering besides a little coach talk and finally a little clapping to help you do well today

Jack is doing more than fabo. He is walking the circumference of our whole building now twice a day, if off the Percocet completely taking just an Advil for pain overnight, his eating is improving now that we have the nausea at bay and his scar or as he refers to it, his Ziploc bag, is healing nicely. Right now he is zonked in the recliner but I expect he will be ready for some breakfast in just a little while.

Need to get rolling. Have a good day everyone!

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