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Default Hi All

Well I am still thinking about this path to weight loss. Holding me back are the cost and the fact that in the colder months shakes are not appealing.On the plus side is the simplicity as ww made me obsess constantly about food and food preparation.

Lolow, I can certainly relate to the sore knee issues-now, in addition I have been having left sided butt pain (gives new meaning to a pain in the a..)I have a large paralyzed(rear) dog that I have to lift into a wheelchair. No, I cannot put her down as she is generally healthy.The thought of putting her down leads me right to ice cream. She is the love of my life.Loosing her would render me nonfunctioning and crying constantly. I love her so much.

I found the site called your for the HMR products.Thanks.

Well, here I sit on the fence getting no smaller and not sure what to do.

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