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Good morning everyone. I can still smell the skunk smell in the first half of my house. At least it missed the dog, so she smells fine. I hate to bathe her because she loves the water so much that I can't get her out.
My DH came home sick from work yesterday. Very swollen lymph glands and fever. I tried to take him to the doctor, but he refused. I think he'll regret this and eventually go. He absolutely hates going to doctors. I know he needs antibiotics, but he won't listen.
Brenda, hope you find the deer. I'm probably the only female here that loves to deer hunt. I use a crossbow or a rifle. Season opens here the end of October. I have my own tree stand and everything. I haven't ever got one yet, I have missed two of them. My DH always gets one.
BB, I have a 20yr. old son that loves fried green tomatoes. I make them for him sometimes. Here you can't buy the tomatoes green unless you get them at a Farmers Market. I also find that 1 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter will satisfy the sweets craving at times and tide me over when I need a boost of energy.

Robin, we were trying to post at the same time. Hope you feel better soon. My DH has a very sore throat too. He did get the skunk smell off of him.
I get my new brace for my leg tomorrow at 2PM, I hope it helps my mobility.

BB, when I eat off program it takes me generally 48 hrs. to get back in ketosis.

^^ My new before and current photos! ^^

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