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Default Weekly Chat- September 25-October 1st

Well, another week is beginning. I can't wait for the weekend. Going on the marriage "refresher"/retreat w/ DH and some couples from our church. Well, it's mainly just couples from our church. But it should be a blast! Eating won't be OP due to lack of options--but I'll worry about that again next week. Just doing my best this week. Did make mistakes yesterday. Mainly because I mixed m&m's, peanuts and raisins. Did I mention I LOVE that mixture? Anyway, had a bowl full of it. At least I didn't grab the WHOLE bag I had mixed up. So that's a good thing. And I also know now that I don't even need THAT much to fill the sweet tooth. I'm thinking a handful would do if I TRULY needed something sweet. TOM has been messed up so it's messing with everything---including my appetite. I'm now hungry a lot more. Liked it better when I was hardly hungry Anyway, already have a glass (16 OZ) of water in and should be able to make the daily requirement. So that's a success.
Hope you all had a great weekend

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