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Hi girls Friday checkin......

Just got back from the gym and I did 15 min on the elip and 35 on the treadmill. wooohooo. Still trying to 'catch my breath' as I'm still on the recovery from bronchitis. Am pleased with todays cardio although I should have done some weight training afterwards, but I did stretch!!

skrog....hey girl, anytime you wanna come over and clean MY house is okay by me!!! I'll say that was quite the workout!!

Amber.....great job on the excercising and although the birthday wagon is coming around, try to allow for a small pc of cake and then make up for it with a little more time on the treadmill. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Ottoette.....I hear ya with the show!! This is the real world, and sometimes life just gets in the way. We can only do what we can but lets try to make the most of it.

Jen/ the Fat Smash plan the one from Dr. Ian (Celebrity Fit Club)? No refined carbs, is that it? When you're done the book, could you give us a little summary? were struggling, but YOU DID IT!!! wtg!!! tommorow's another day, just take it one at a time!!!

next challenge ???

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