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Good Morning Good Morning, How are we all doing today? I am excellent, I get to change my ticker and I get another happy dance. YAY

Emily it sounds like you are doing so good with your workouts. I wish there were a couple more hours in every day just so I could fit in a good work out every single day. But with my job and 4 kids and parent teacher conferences 2 evenings this week and those were on my walking nights I only got in 2 workouts. I am hoping for one tonight to make it 3.

Louie - your little nicknames are just too cute. You did great on skipping the bday cake congrats to you. I wish my hubby would cook my dinners for me. Ya think I could send him to your house for your hubby to give lessons?

Michelle I have a feeling that next spring you will still feel great. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Stacy the scales will recognize the hard work you are putting in very soon. Just keep doing what you know is the best for you and they will move. My scales only moved a couple of pounds from the beginning of July till the beginning of last week and wow they have moved a bunch since then. Your body cant fight you forever. And on the note of your girl getting to be a teen, OH puberty is so much fun. LOL

Tina Im sorry to scare you about the teenage years but hey at least you now have some kind of warning. LOL and its not all bad I promise, but at one point unless they are a really dedicated student they are gonna slack off.

Cheryl your quilts are BEAUTIFULE. I so wish I could sew better than I do and had the time for quilting. Maybe I should let you know that for Christmas I would like a quilt, LOL. Sorry you have been sick, hope you feel better soon.

Shawn you mentioned my happy dancers and guess what, I added a new one today.

Tammy you know the scale problems are more than likely just water weight so dont get to discouraged. You have done so good and have come so far I hope you realize what an inspiration you are.

Well girls I gotta get to work, I will try to check back later but Fridays are very busy for me, so I might not be here again till tomorrow.
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