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Well good Sunday to you all. I am doing well today. I have been really slacking with the water intake here lately. So i am making an effort to step it up starting today. I went and bought my weeks worth of groceries today and all looks healthy for the week. Got some stuff that i dont normally buy, keeps me from feeling i am in a rut. Dd and i came up with a "game", we are going to try a different fruit or veggie every week. Something neither of us have ever had. A couple of weeks ago it was speghetti squash...let me just say, yum, i have been missing out all my life. this stuff is awesome wtih some marinara on family actually prefers it over pasta now...very cool at like 35 cals a cup. So this week dd picked out star fruit...we will give it a try tonight.

Tina-WOW, somebody got their groove back. 3 wonderf

Louie-That is cool having a healthy buddy at work. If your work is anything like mine it can be quite tempting at times and it takes a lot of effort to keep it going, especially when you coworkers eat VERY unhealthy. So i bet that will not only give you some support but also a buddy to eat similar food with.

Shyla-Right there with you honey on the pms-ing. I think the peak part is over and now i am on the downward slope but, my poor kids and husband. That is so nice you and hubby got to go out on a date. I am jealous. But i can totally relate to the pigging out...i did that friday. And my scales are still reflecting it. Glad you are back in the groove though, me too. Back to reality. And really after eating like i did friday, i really didnt feel good...I just dont like that full feeling like i used to.

Ryanmi- Oh those lovely allergies. I can relate. From EARLY spring to LATE fall, i sneeze and my eyes puff up constantly. I take prescription meds and they help. Keep me posted on how it works out for you. I would rather switch over to an allergist and just be done with it.

Jtammy-OOOHH Paris. That is my ULTIMATE reward. I have wanted to go there forever. I just dont want to take the kids, but yet, i am too scared to leave them here while i go over seas. I would love to shop at a parisian market. I have been taking french laguage classes on and off for a couple of years now, it makes me feel like i will go there one day. ha ha.

Ok, the laundry apparently is not going to wash itself.
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