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Hi gang! Mid day check in today for another confession. I caved again and satisfied a few cravings i didn't get to over the weekend. I have exhausted all of the can't have it's for now and plan to be on track again from here on out!

Robbin - you are one busy woman! Glad to hear you were under 230 this morning! Hope your schedule eases up a little soon!

Tina - so glad the thing with the teacher got straightened out!!! Communication is so helpful with this stuff. It's amazing what the kids pick up on and how there little minds make it out to be what they see and not always what it really is. Ten pounds doesn't seem like too much if you are willing to work really hard. Halloween is 7 weeks from today and most people will say 2 pounds a week is reasonable and that would be 14 pounds so even gives you a little playing room!

Robsia - good to get a teacher's perspective on things, there are always two sides to a story aren't there!!!! How are things with you?

Shawn - sorry to hear work is getting hectic but your motivation is contagious right now! I may have to ride your coat tails of enthusiasm for a little till i get going again!

Okay, well gotta run, need to try to get the desk organized again! ya'll have a good evening!
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