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Default Any other "Beach Watchers" out there?

I LOVE South Beach (insulin resistant, carbs don't like me, etc.), but I found that when I initially tried it, I lost very little weight, although I felt FANTASTIC. I have since figured out that I was simply eating too much. You know, with the usual culprits: nuts, cheese, etc. So I sadly went back to WW, which works, but has too much "freedom" for me to really be healthy and lower my blood sugar and BP quickly (even w/o exercise, but I'm working on that).

So for the last 2 days, I've been on Phase 1 (I do eat one 6 oz. SF/FF yogurt per day though....can't give it up, but there is no HF corn syrup in it or anything), and I already feel 100% better. I've gone way over points, as it's hungry time for the first few days, and we have nuts in the house (SIGH. I'm gonna make DF take them to work).

Anyways, I am doing great with the SB rules again, and just need to get the overeating under control. I have TOM right now, so things will ease up in a few days....we all know how rough that is.

I'd love to hear from anyone about anything

PS--I have lots of recipes, and I love to share! Will do that often

315/278 (doc visit on 10/22)/278/130

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