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Morning girls! I got back lastnight from camping. Let's just say I took my last hoo-rah a little too seriously and didn't behave so well when it came to food choices. But I did go walking/hiking twice, paddle boat 3 times and berry picking once. So I did try to fit in as much activity as I could. But gosh this summer has been terrible as far as moving that scale number in a downward motion. Time to pull up my socks and work hard for the one week goal of getting to ticker weight.

Stacy, woo-hoo at least someone is having some victories. Congrats on your loss and your NSV that is really great. You must feel so proud of yourself, and you should!

Cheryl, amazing getting that scale down 3lbs. in two days! You are smokin'! Ouch! You're hubby sounds like he's in terrible agony.

Erin, you have to have little endulgences once in a while just to keep yourself sane! Hope you enjoyed your lasagna and was able to keep it at a portion size you wanted. Not sure if I could...hehe! Also hope your little match-making scheme was pulled off, what fun! Let us know how that turned out.

Ryanmi, thanks for the chuckle! I had to laugh reading about some the characters that graced the front of your desk. I sure hope they put those missing screws through express post. That had to bite hard when you couldn't find them. My daughter is up singing about the day being too long already, it's 9:30 AM!! She's just a little excited about kindergarten ...understatement!

Shyla, glad you had a good visit with your family. You'll be standing beside a few of us making a good start back at this week. Enjoy your workout at the Y, remember to ease yourself back into it..don't want start a hacking fit all over again.

Congratulations Kreen! That is a really good loss! Keep up the great work.

Best start the day and get cracking. Got some camp fire smellin' clothes that need freshing up. Have a great day!


"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
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