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Awwww, Kiwi, here's one from me too. I bet DH is dealing the best he knows how, too. I think when our kids moved out it was harder on DH than it was on me. Of course, I can't even compare b/c our kidlets are both less than 20 minutes away.... but the house was still pretty quiet.

You heifers sound serious about loosing. I didn't know you'd take me up on it. We're going for a 5 day road trip, and the day we get back you're on - I'm signing back up at WW's on Wednesday, August 30th. Sooooo see yas when I get home..... and in case the boogie man is lurking, Gpa J and the doggies will still be home.

Kiwi, I call those a Ray El's. DH is famous for murdering the language and Ray El's is his code name. I'll tell you why some day.

See ya dizzy babes when I get back!!!! toodles!
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