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Default Target Heart Rate Question

Okay, so I have been exercising now for 8 months at the "old" way of figuring heart know, the 220-your age. I then read about how it was important to figure in your fitness level by subtracting your resting heart rate. So, I did that. 220-40=180-53=127x70%=88.9+53=141.9 (142). That is the low end for my "cardio" work. Well, at 142 I can barely speak, sweating alot, and my legs are very tired. So, my question is has anyone else found this method to be totally off or am I, in spite of my lower resting heart rate, still in a lower fitness level? What ways do you use to measure heart rate and would you suggest I keep trying with these rates or go back to the old ones? It is important to note that I have a few symptoms of overtraining as well...inability to sleep, sore muscles, resting heart rate was 48 and went to 53.
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