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i need the special sauce for your salmon!!!---okay----this is one depressing week isn't it girls---today i am faced with this---Published Text
08/23/2006 BYRNE, GEORGE - In loving memory of George Byrne who passed away August 23, 2002. George was a wonderful husband, father and son. He was a great brother and uncle - a true friend to us all. We miss him so much. FROM WIFE MARGO, DAUGHTER SARAH, SONS PATRICK AND EDDIE, FAMILY AND FRIENDS---

[The Telegraph-Journal]-----it is hard to believe that it's four years ago today but i just read last week that ANOTHER forty-something man [tourist] who has three kids drowned in a riptide on Prince Edward Island -----stupid government won't put up warning signs cause it might damage tourism----the locals were on the news saying they were tired of visitors drowning and THEY were going to post their own signs---- SORRY TO DEPRESS,BUT IT SEEMS LIKE THE WEEK FOR IT!!!!--------------------------------kiwonk=----we are all thinking of youse guys this week---and peachers seems to be hanging in there so good luck kiddo and what a marvellous adventure for your baby!!!! { you can help me when i start freaking out about the overseas term coming up---stepdd leaves for Scotland in a few days!!!!}
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