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Kiko - This heat is awful. We're now tied for 10th largest number of 100+ days and it seems like we will at least surpass 9th place. I just don't feel like going outside at all when it is like this. I think it will only be around 100 on Monday when the boys work on their Aquanaut Activity Badge. I hope they have some shade or it will be miserable for the parents who aren't in the water.

Ruth - I'm glad you are having a good time. Vacations can be so much fun!

Welcome back, Jana!

beach bum - My guest room is a mess too. I have to admit your menu doesn't sound appetizing to me. All that fat would just tear up my stomach. It will be interesting to see how your weigh-in results are.

schatzi - Kayaking sounds like so much fun! Enjoy yourselves.

Me - I don't have much planned for today and that is really nice. I'm going to head to the gym soon and get some biking in before Powerflex. I didn't make it there yesterday since I had to run an errand after work.
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