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Wow! I never make it as the fourth poster (unless I start the thread since I've worked all night)!

Ruth - Have a wonderful trip! I heard they are allowing some things now but it seems like it changes every day.

little grasshopper - Good luck with the itching. At least if you are busy enough you may not be as aware of the itching but I know how bad it was with the poison ivy. And I still have spots that itch a month later! The Aveeno with calamine and oatmeal actually helped some with the itching. Some things said that you couldn't use them along with oral Benadryl so be careful of that.

schatzi - I'm here! But I need to go get my tea before someone interrupts me and expects me to work.

Me - The rest of the week is supposed to be 105+ temps. Oh, well, I moved here because I hate the cold. I don't know if I have a meeting tonight and that is driving me crazy. I'm waiting to hear the details. If I don't have a meeting, I have my workout stuff in the car. Brian seems to be adjusting to his new afterschool program just fine. They play a lot of organized games in the cafeteria so he can be active and be out of the heat. I'll see how it goes next week when he starts having homework but so far, so good.
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