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I used to be able to relate to feeling self conscious at the gym... and usually the only people that I notice who seem to notice me are the young (teens) guys in the free weight section... I get those looks that not only do I not belong in the free weight section cuz I'm a girl... but I'm a fat girl! LOL I just laugh when start lifting and it ends up being more than they could. I have more muscle under all this fat than I realize.
I haven't felt self-conscious in such a long time... mostly, I think when I got up to 350 I knew I couldn't hide my fat anymore. So I started wearing clothes that were comfortable, stopped trying to hide so much, and just went on with my own things... When you're that big, anywhere you go people notice... you just can't let it phase you. I've had this mentality for well over a year now and going to the gym isn't any different than going to walmart for me.
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