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Unhappy feeling self-conscious at the gym

I was at the gym today and I felt so self-conscious!! All I kept thinking for a long while was how fat I must have looked, especially in comparison to nearly everyone else there! I kept telling myself to a) stop comparing.. I don't believe in comparisons and b) one of the reasons for being at the gym is to lose weight and I should be happy and proud of myself for being there. But still, sometimes that self-consciousness monster screams inside my head and I'm like aghhhhh! I know that most people probably aren't judging me and if some are then in truth I feel worse for them than I do for myself... but despite all that I still feel self-conscious

*Deep breath* .. I do have to admit, I am proud of myself for going - even though half-way through I wanted to jump off that machine and rest but I did it! I did 40 minutes, on a weekday nonetheless. And I feel like part of my motivation to go is from these great forums and communities - so thanks to all. I just needed to let it out.. but I am curious, does anyone else feel self-conscious while working out?

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