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Hey gang
Well, I cracked at the birthday party. The party was for my son's friend from school (My kids are on scholarship to a Catholic School here in Pensacola). ANYWAY, I'm not catholic and not married. The other parents there were all talking about their skiing vacations and this and that and I'm sitting there feeling like the only single parent and feeling very poverty-fied and out of place, and there was a spinach pizza right in front of me. And NO diet drinks. So I ate a slice and drank a glass of pepsi, and THEN had my daughter grab me a slice of cheese pizza. THEN I ate her crust which included about a 1/2 inch of pizza, AND HALF of Her pound cake.

I came home and ate a bowl o fruity pebbles and 1% milk to finish the binge.

So, this morning I"m looking in the book and in the red plan under carb cravers (Which they told me not to have any of for 10 days), anyway, Pizza is listed as being able to have 2 slices.... That doesn't seem right?!? I'm going to have to ask about it tomorrow. SO far today I'm POP but I"m out of fruit and can't go to the store til tonight. I DO have some 100% apple juice and it's listed as a fruit so I guess I'll have that instead.

I hope everyone else is doing ok..

Kelly - I'm TOM too, so maybe that's the reason for my party binge. I'll be thinking of all of us who went a little crazy on Monday at WI

Martha - I'm sure Sommer is right about the weight gain. There's probably tons of stuff to make you retain water no matter how much lemon water you drink. I noticed even before I starte LAWL that if I ate a lot of red meat (Which was probably marinated in something salty, and the butter on the potato, etc., It'll fake you out with the gain the next morning. After my pizza fiasco last night, I didn't even get on there this morning because I knew it would be up from too much sodium.

Deb~I am so excited for you! I remember the first day I shopped at a plus size store, I thought to myself, "Oh well, at least I'm the smallest girl here" NOw I'm inching on up to the middle range and thinking what a fool I was! I can't wait til I can cross that fat to skinny line at Cato's. I don't know if you have a Cato there, but their clothes have always fit me just right, and it's hard not to notice all of the cute stuff on the skinny girl side of the store. I'll see you on the skinny side soon!

Be good girls today!


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