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Hi All,

Well, we saw the little house...let me stress little!! I think it probably about the same size as our apartment, except the bedrooms are smaller!! The MBR is 14'x10'9", we wouldn't even be able to fit our bed in there. They had a queen size bed, chest of drawers and dresser w/mirror in there. We have a king size bed and that would not even fit...well, it would, but we wouldn't be able to open the closet. I saw lots of potential in it, because the living room was fairly large, took up the better part of the house, but DH didn't! It was just too small and rustic. I will have to call the guy tonight and tell him we've decided it's too small. DH said he'd rather just pay the $75. to extend our lease 1-11 months. This way we can look at our lesiure and find something that's right for us. He's also canned the FHA idea for now. He wants to save a little first. He needs to realize that in order to save anything, he's gotta do the consumer credit counseling thing so he's not paying ~20% interest!!'s a viscious cycle!!

Pryia- I don't mind the stickies! It does make it easier, especially for the profiles. I have an idea though...and I don't want to sound mean, or snotty or anything, but there are a could profiles from people who do not post on this thread. I don't know if they did it by mistake, like they thought they were on the WW 30's thread, or what, but maybe we could clean that up, so it's just the people that post here? What do you think?

Jul- Glad church was good. I didn't get to go to the Cantata, but my mom said it was wonderful. It's a huge church, and they have fantastic music. I've had boca burgers, and they're OK, but I like the Morning Star Farms burgers better. There's nothing like a nice juicy real burger, but as a substitute, they're OK. I've had the Tomato Basil and the Grillers. Think I liked the Grillers better. DH thought it was OK, but he's a man, and he loves burgers, so it was not a good substitute for him.

RR- Glad you're feeling better!

Rabbit- WOW that's a lot of miles!! Good for you!!

Have a great day all!!
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