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cottage - I love my margaritas too! I have had to ask my husband to provide less temptation for me and it is working. For me, that means no eating at restaurants for awhile and I have told him absolutely to stop bringing home chocolate! Those appetizers are often fried and they just tear up my stomach. I feel so much better when I stay OP.

ruth - You are so right about July being a hard month. Actually I haven't done well this summer. And I'm due for my physical and want to be just a couple of pounds lower before I make the appointment. It feels so good getting regular exercise again and eating right.

rnmom - Sorry to hear your son is leaving again. That must be so hard. I've never been to the MOA but I've heard a lot of good things about it. And think of all that walking you will get!

jalene5 - I love trying new recipes. What has worked well this year is to track our meals in a calendar. Then when I am planning meals I can look back to see what we have tried before. I also put an abbreviation for the cookbook and put the page number in the calendar so it is fast to find the recipe. I have a lot of cookbooks and that saves me time.

scully - I like that loft bed! That looks like something my son would like. I personally would love to get the Pokemon wall decorations off the wall but my 9 year old isn't quite ready to give them up. And he loves his stuffed animals. So it may be awhile before we can go to a more classic look.

little grasshopper - Certain snacks just make me hungrier. I make sure I get a drink when I get home from work and then get right on fixing dinner.

tammy - It is normal to grieve when you lose someone. Cats are people too (or at least it seems like that sometimes).

Me - I am proud of myself. I've managed three totally OP days now even though I was tempted with truffles at the Scout planning meeting last night. And it is working. I'm down 3 pounds (of the 5 I gained in July) since Tuesday. I'm sure some was water but I'll take whatever I can get. And I've been exercising daily which helps too. I find that the more I stay OP, the easier it is to stay OP.
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