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Tammy, I cry when I think I've hurt my pup's feelings and he doesn't want to cuddle me. I hate to think of what I'll do when we lose him. It really does break your heart. Take time to heal. I think a memorial is a great idea.

Well, I've decided to forgo Phase 1 and let myself be not guilty for having a piece of 7 grain bread, etc. I felt like I ate everything in sight yesterday and then it only added up to 1600 calories. Not too bad! But too much sugar. I know the sugary stuff is just not good for my body, especially my skin which seems to have become the surface of the moon--bumpy!!! We have started our organic produce, eggs, and meat delivery and I am trying to eat mostly from that--lots of fresh veggies! I had a delicious fresh peach this morning. It makes me happy to know I am supporting a local farmer in Tennessee, all my produce was grown right here! I haven't tried the chicken yet but the lady I am sharing my share with says it was the least fatty she had ever had and just awesome. Woohoo!!

Tonight we're having a "created" recipe of pork chops with a sweet pepper sauce of fresh tomatoes, white bell pepper, and banana peppers. I might add some spices and a little canned tomato sauce, we'll see. I'll let you know how it goes! We will have it with sauteed yellow squash for me and black-eyes peas (all farm fresh!). This afternoon I have to go to a baby shower at work. I am really working on not eating unless I am hungry, so please think about me and say a little willpower prayer!

On an unhappy note, my car is dying. And as we just bought a house we're not exactly rolling in money to replace it. It is burning oil like there's no tomorrow, and last night it was smoking a little and the check engine light came on. I just feel very unsafe. It has 162,000 miles on it so I know it's to be expected but I REALLY need it to last a while longer!!

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