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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Cottage, and thanks for starting us up. I could see by your profile you were searching smilies so let you go to it while I did my morning tour of the Boards looking for spammers and other jerkheads!

Hey, the heat wave seems to have broken a bit. I actually was able to turn off the AC this morning. It's drizzling just slightly which will keep me inside this morning. It's just as well because neighbour Moel is going to knock off his chickens today and I don't want to hear the clucking and the swearing! We are having a big party in the meadow this weekend and the chickens are on the menu. By big, I mean 72 people! We'll have tents in the meadow, a beer fridge plugged in to the pump power and a rustic outhouse built by Moel at the edge of the woods! Liz and Moel have both just turned 50 so this will be a big celebration - "Meadowpalooza"! etc.

I have six pies to bake for a Saturday morning bake sale, the fridge to clean and clear out for party food room, a major lasagna to put together and a herd of bills to pay. I'd better get off my butt and get with it.

Just before I do it just me or was July a really hard month for most of us? I know it was for me and the July weightloss results were down too. Let's hope we're all over the hump. It's really easy to say "to heck with it! It's still summer!" but September will be here in 29 days. Maybe we should call today's chat Thoughtful Thursday.

So what's happening around your towel?
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