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Cassi I’m with you to a few more POP days this month. I’m been allowing myself to get way out of control and I need to focus back on why I want to lose weight. Great visual with having your spouses hold the same weight you’ve lost. I don’t think many of us realize how much the weight weighs when we lose it. Thanks.

HeatherP I can understand trying to get everything down and get your food in when your suspose to also. My trainers always on my behind because I don’t eat every couple of hours. Hope this week goes easier for you.

Lori I hope the company will be able to work with you and maybe cut you some kind of break. Good luck.

Jenni I usually weigh in the same clothes as I weigh in at the center. I usually see only a small amount difference from me weighing on my home scale in the morning to the evening scale at the center. I would suggest doing the same and see if the difference is closer together.

LindseyLea I’m sure you’ll be able to meet you goal. Good luck.

Katie congrats on losing 27 inches that’s great. I think we can all use more will power.

Lee Ann glad you blood donation went well. I think I would have left the cookies there

Startingovernow congrats on losing 3 lbs. Welcome.

Kristi I’m with you would rather ignore them then admit I’m doing poorly. Here’s to both or should I say all of us, gaining more motivation and keeping it. I’m also tried of bouncing back in the 190’s when I should have been in the 170’s by now. Hang in there is has to get better.

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