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Hi Ladies

Its going to be another hot one again, Going to go out early,so we're can get back to our A/C home.No walking today, may take a bike ride with my stationery bike if my body can take it,as I'm not having any snacks between meals.

I'm thrilled as of So far I lost 2-lbs. I know its water but going up each week by following the beach to a tee,I had no idea what the problem was. Now I know its bread/grain and a possibility it could be fruit also.

I'm surprise,lowing the carbs lower than what the SB recommends,I'm not hungry.What I'm really doing is still Phase 1 but leaning to Atkins more by eatting more protein[l/f] and limiting the veggies.2 1/2 c per day.

Ruth-Stay cool,I can't believe summer is almost gone,the only thing I won't miss is the HOT HEAT. I'm actually a winter lover, Give me and I'll be happy..

Schatzi-Its going to be hot here too,but cold drinks are on our menu.Hows about ICE COFFEE,it tastes as yummy as hot. Sometimes I think it better. Put down I weight in my journal early this morn and will report back to this board at the end of the month.

Soon-I so sorry you all those crosses :cross:you have to bare. Nothing worst to hate your job,especially when the people you're working for are IDIOTS.Happy that all in the past for me as I'm retired for 9 year now.Sending you good : vibes that everything straighten out.

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

2010 lost 9 lbs.
2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.

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