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Good morning everyone! Today is my late day and I blame the diet for this...I can't sleep past 6:30 anymore!!!! ug. I use to look forward to waking up around 8 and slowly getting into my day. Not now - I am cracking to go by 6:45.

Seems like it hothothot everywhere right now. Yesterday my office had it so cold that we were having to use heat packs to keep people warm and I actually did 2 HOT STONE massages! In August!!! I finally put a heat wrap around my neck and went to sit outside for a while in the sun. I called DF and mentioned that it didn't get nearly as hot as they thought it would and he said he'd almost passed out from the temp change - inside to outside. He works outside all day long and has been having real trouble staying hydrated in this heat.

I slipped last night. I didn't even want to - mostly. It was a spite slip. Df has been cheating all over the place, right in front of me and losing weight. Last night we had a fight and he tried to lie his way out of it. First time this has ever happened (that I am aware of). I was so shocked and hurt. I needed time to settle back down but the more I thought the more I worked myself up. I went to the store and they had Harry and David moose tracks. I've never had anything from their store and decided I've been good for this entire time. I deserve it. I know, I know......anyway, It was sweat but not good. Made me feel like a hamster on a wheel for about an hour. Not ready to do that again for a good bit.....

Here's to a new day!!!!
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