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Smile Fun to do...and fat free

My weight crept on over the course of about six years. My closets were bursting with skinny clothes, not so skinny clothes, definately not skinny clothes and then the dreaded "plus" size clothes. I have stuff from size 8 up to size 20. I always kept everything "just in case" I ever lost the weight. My low point was when I realized how much I was spending just trying to find fashionable plus size clothes. (PS Side Rant here... We larger gals want to look good too, can't someone make something other than a giant teeshirt or moomoo for us that does not cost twice as much as a "regular" size????)

Anyway, the past two weekends, I have been trying on different things in my closets. How good it felt to try things on and realize that they are too big and baggy. How great it felt to try on things that I bought, without trying on in the store, and that sat in the closet because I couldn't fit into, only to find now that I can!. I was even able to fit into a non-plus size pair of jeans (okay- they were stretch jeans, but they still should count ).

It was fun! I packed up the big and baggies and donated them. I have a ways to go but what a pickme up! Try it yourself and you will see.

Have a great weekend- I am off on vacation!
Don't want to be overweight
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