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Originally Posted by BreakingFree
I haven't gotten Pratt's book yet (Barnes & Noble will be getting my money, too, Jayde!) so I'm wondering, does he address the question of mercury in fish? Maybe most of the kinds he recommends are less likely to be high in mercury, but I seem to remember reading that albacore is higher in mercury than "light" tuna. Something about the larger the fish, the more concentrated the mercury level.
Yes.. because of mercury he recommends that not more than one can of tuna be consumed a week. He also gives a list of fish to absolutely avoid: swordfish, shark, tilefish, king mackerel.

I eat mackerel but not king mackerel. It's actually called mackerel pike which is very different.

He lists other fish that are not superfoods but are low in mercury and gives a website to check out

Oh.. and you are right about the mercury in larger fish.. the higher on the food chain they are the more mercury because they contain the mercury from the fish they ate and the fish that that fish ate etc..

Hope this answers your concerns.
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