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Default I am BUMMED!! :)

Hi everybody

Ammi, great job on the weight loss... congratulations.

Wow I could sure relate to your reasons for losing weight! That was pretty much my motivation too.

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words... wow I sure needed them today. I did fine on the restaurant... ordered a dinner salad and had it without dressing... blah but made it through. Then ate some fruit and yogurt I had at work.

But I am bummed! During the last month I only lost 6 pounds... but okay that is still about 1.5 pounds a week so I can live with that... except today I GAINED back 3 of them!!! This is ridiculous! I don't mind doing all this hard work but I do want something to show for it. I do have to wonder though if part of it is gaining muscle since I am wearing much smaller clothes than I could a month ago. If there was a quitting place this would be it, but of course there isn't. I will just keep on fighting the fat but it is so discouraging.

Oh well... whine whine whine. Gotta just get busy!

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