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As for me, My dog (Kado) had her pups on the 12th of July, she went up under the house to do so, and Where she went I was told that know one could get to , that I would just have to wait it out till she brought the pups out in a few weeks, Well I just couldnt handle that! so Yesterday, I started up under the house, and I made it all the way and brought out the pups she had 6 pups,, yes,, 6 pups, the funny thing about it is, she helped me along, she would nudge the puppies, and she carried two out.. I thought it was pretty neat, she had tried to get me to go with her several time under the house, she would keep coming and getting me and such... But I am a grandma***** I

We have been moving the Pavilion and the Office at Amos Run Hunting Club, for those I email I will make sure to email you some pics of our big move.. pretty neat pics.. Food has been as well as can be expected, I did drink some beer this weekend,, but today is WATER,, I will be drinking it like I stole it...LOL... Take Care everyone and Sorry I am not catching up all too well.
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