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Good Morning All,

It's another beautiful day here, and I am looking forward to taking a walk outside in the sunshine a bit later today. Daren and I have to go to Caleigh's school to see her teachers about a problem she is having. Not a nice reason to need to go out, but I am going to enjoy the walk.

I had my WI this morning and I am down another 5 lbs Just two more lbs and I will meet my second mini goal

Patti - thanks for your confidence in my WI results, I am sure all your good vibes must be working for me So this is your last day for a while, will you be gone a full week or be home on the weekend?

Brenda - that jewellery you make sounds really gorgeous and I hope you really do plan to take some photos so we can see what you have made? Have you ever thought of selling it on Ebay?

Valerie - well done on being inspired by Sharon and pushing yourself to go work with your horse. Your sense of achievement was so prominent in your post, it's brilliant. Just a shame that you felt so worn out and sick afterwards. Good luck at the doctors today

Angie - I don't know whether to that your hubby has such a great job and that he is lucky enough to be near Hawaii now, or commiserate because you must miss him, and of course because you must be worried with him being in the forces at a time when there is so much fighting going on in the world

about your kitties being able to work the water dispenser I have seen something similar to that on You've Been Framed. I love cats, they are soooo clever!

Luan - good to see you. I hope you had a wonderful vacation and that it gave you the much needed rest from work.

Good luck when you next weigh, and don't be disheartened if you are right and you are starting from ground zero again. As long as you keep on trying that's the main thing, just think for every lb you may gain to take you towards your original weight, at least that's not a lb more than when you started Next time you lose you are going to keep it off I am sure

Sharon - you just posted before me and now as I write this I think you are taking Gareth to school. Well when you get back and are reading this post you will see that yes my WI did go well I still hate getting on those scales and worry so much about what I will see. I wonder if I will ever lose that feeling?

Well I need to go get ready for the meeting now. Take care all and I will be back later.



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