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Ammi, well how has the weigh-in gone??????!!!!! Brilliant, I'm sure.Steve has black hair but as a kid he was white blonde until he was twelve then it got dark really fast, weird, eh?xxx
Abbeycat, well Siamese are supposed to be clever and a bit naughty! But I bet their pretty little faces & miaws make up for it, lol!xxx
Wow, Valerie, me an inspiration???? I only got as far as trotting & weaving in & out of poles, no cantering or galloping & jumping. I really hope Gab behaves and you can get him backed. What bit did you use? An old schoolfriend used that one where it doesn't go in their mouth (it puts pressure on the nostrils I think, it's supposed to be kinder than ordinary bits, even snaffles); I forgot the name; for one of her horses who wouldn't take any kind of mouth
Vilandra, you can see a difference in the pics!!xxx
Princess, great to see you are still around, albeit very
Rks- cake-the Devil's food, lol. Only one piece though, it's not the end of the world! Get back on plan, I bet it won't affect your weight-loss that
Gotta take Gareth to school now.

Start of Lap-Band Diet (pre/post op)
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