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Default Saturday Menu

B: 1c zucchini + 2c coffee w/1% milk (strange bfast, but I knew there'd not be enough vegetables at the event)
L: (event food) 1 ham sandwich + 1 egg-salad sandwich + 1c fruit salad + a few tablespoons of a billion different pasta-based salads + a few cookies. I stayed within the one-plate guideline, though! (see below) There weren't many vegetables there, and I wish I would have brought some instead of the mixed fruit salad.
D: 1c tuna casserole + 1oz cheese + 1.5c zucchini w/2t butter
S: 1 h-b egg + crackers, cheese, summer sausage

E: I might get around to identifying a free-weight and stability-ball routine today.

I got some good tips from a fellow 3FC person about how to handle a buffet, open house, pot luck, etc. She suggested that at a buffet, select ONE plate of small bites of everything you like that's not the healthiest. Then have as much as you want of salad, vegetables, etc.

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