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Excercise is healthy for you..there is no debate about that. It is not absolutely necessary to stay in maintenece without it. I did for 2 years. Why am I fat now? I got pregnant 3 times since then. During pregnancy I usually lose the mindset and start craving stuff. After preganancy it takes me about 2 years to start saying.."okay, I'm not eating for 2..heck, I never was." The bottom line is you CAN stay in maintence without excercise. Overall you are MUCH healthier with excercise and it could be that people, in general, are more CONCIOUS of what they are doing when they have made a willful attempt to maintain excercise.

I quote studies occasionally but the truth is, there is no cookie cutter for any of us. It's like the scale debate. There are studies that insist people that weigh daily come out ahead. For some, this messes with their head too much.

Nice read though.
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