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Arrow Sunday Menu

OK, I have to keep posting my menus, in spite of terrible detours.

B: 3/4c cottage cheese + 1c wild raspberries and black raspberries + 3c coffee w/1% milk
S: 2 servings roasted potatoes w/ketchup

L: I am going to my sister's wedding/couples' shower, and my goal is to not touch any bars or desserts. They're serving sandwiches, salad, veggies, fruit ... my goal is to (for once in my life) pass on the "special occasion food". I'm going to focus on taking pictures and communicating with people, instead of focusing on the food. My weigh-in on Monday is going to stink as it is (see last night's menu, ugh). Edit: Gah! I didn't do it, at all! The first plate was perfect, but I grabbed a smaller "dessert" plate and grazed on junk throughout the party. Oh well, I guess I'm not ready to have a willpower that is strong-as-iron at parties.

D: didn't need it

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