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I too was a huge Diet Coke drinker, I think that some people may gain weight drinking Diet Sodas simply because it makes them want to eat more food, but the Diet Soda in and of itself will not make you gain weight. I gave up most of my Diet Sodas for the same reason that Trish did, because it meant I wasn't drinking water. I too have a couple a week now and while I did go through the headaches, etc when I gave it up, I don't have them anymore and rarely have a problem getting my water in. I also notice my thirst more than I did when I was taking a lot of Diet Coke in every day, and I know that drinking a lot of water is a lot healthier than drinking a lot of Diet Coke. I am guessing that your husband is probably making up the calories elsewhere, or like someone else said he's simply maintaining now rather than gaining or his body just hasn't caught up and started losing a bit each week. I would definately not suggest he go back to drinking sugar soda, although I'm like Gina and simply don't like the taste of regular soda myself, but probably what he needs to do is keep track of what is going in his mouth throughout the day. Maybe if he kept track of all his calories for a week he'd see what he's really taking in and what he needs to do to lose some weight.
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