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My biggest reason for switching to diet soda instead of regular soda was simply the gross amount of empty calories i was consuming each day. I was totally unaware that i was DRINKING the amount of calories i should be eating.. its crazy how that works sometimes. ... so i started drinking diet soda.. to eliminate the crazy amount of empty calories i was consuming. maybe your husband simply is not in a calorie deficiet yet.. has he figured up his BMR.. and then any activities he does?
Im with the whole philosophy that less calories in equals weight loss. You have to expend more than you take in. It actually takes a LOT of calories a day for me to maintain at my current weight. Once i figured that out, and took a good hard look at what i WAS eating.. it all became clear
Im def a calorie counter now.. ive read it takes 3000 cal burned to equal a pound of weight loss (correct me if im wrong here).. so i just have been figuring it out rather scientfically.. and im AMAZED that my body is cooperating.. lol..
I still have a nasty caffiene addiction... and i get headaches and cranky without it.. i SHOULD break that addiction.. i know.. but for now.. Diet soda is gonna have to do it for me..
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