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Wink The only thing my dh DOES do around here.....

is take out the garbage on garbage day.

I was at my supremely intellingent lawyer friend's yesterday to teach her how to send e-mail through AOL. Geez, they sure don't make it easy, but we finally figured it out. Two of her kids stayed home from kindergarten/school so they were running in and out all the time bugging us. she sends me her very first e-mail and what does it say? That ALL FIVE of them have head lice and she just found out last night. Aghhhhhhhhh! So she lent me her special shampoo (not one of those insecticide ones) and I doused myself even though I didn't find any critters on me. Yuk, yuk, yuk. Won't be going over there again any time soon.

5 yo passed his swimming test today! Not bad for a kid who at this time last year wouldn't even put his feet in the water. He was so proud.

Gosh, all this family strife going on , Lush and Wabby! Makes my problem seem so petty.

Have fun with meals on wheels, Kiwi! Volunteer jobs are always the most fun.

Advent wreath is one the living room table ready for the weekend. Just call me Martha.
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