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Glad we're all smiling now!

Judd's out grilling (actually talking to his dad -- his parents are in Montana visiting his sister) and I'm done with the inside cooking. Now we're just giving the oven fries a little more time before putting the fish on the grill.

I'm tired for some reason but it's probably just because being off for so many days in a row means I do extra stuff around the house. Ordinarily when I get home at night I'm too tired to do a whole lot. Being home all day, I find myself constantly working. At least I'm keeping busy.

Off to fold more clothes. Sandra, I promise not to get on the scale tonight and if I do, I promise not to get upset about it. I was back to 146 this morning but it's still 2 over where I was just a few days ago. Maybe being home all day isn't such a good thing after all!

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