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Good evening everyone (good morning for me ) Craig just left for work so I am spending the evening pricing yard sale junk and packing a few things. I will be so glad to at least have the yard sale over with so I will have more room to put some boxes! We are going to the new house tomorrow afternoon to steam clean the carpets, clean the bathroom, cabinets, refrig and stove to my standards. They all look clean but I have to do it myself to know it really is. It should be ok though since we don't have to move any furniture to do the carpets and the refrig is empty!!
We are going to my parents for a BBQ afterwards. They live in North Asheville and we will be about 10 miles north of them. We have to pass the exit to their house to go to our new one.
I hope you all have a great 4th. I better go start pricing

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