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hi there, chickies. i've been cleaning bathrooms. they aren't quite vickie-clean, but they are sparkling quite a bit. i need sunglasses.

vickie, i don't know about the poppyseeds. i guess they would be good in the cake. let us know if you try it that way and what you think.

kathy, sounds like you had a good time with family and friends. i wish you wouldn't weigh in the evenings. that seems to keep upsetting you. however, i know how addictive the old iron monster can be and understand your hopping on those scales.

melissa, have you decided what your fun exercise will be? do you and aaron have bikes? just wondering.

frouf, i'm sorry you're depressed. holidays do that to me sometimes. i think just because they are holidays with added stress. my cardiologist told me that any kind of stress is hard on the body whether it be good or bad, and your mil certainly provided some stress. seems i zero in on being overweight more during festive times. maybe it's because we're around more family or maybe it's just because there's more food and i feel guilty. i hope you're feeling more the perky froufie that we all know and love.

vickie, curtis and i went to costco today and got some fresh blueberries that look awesome. i didn't notice where they are from. we ate at subway the other day. had the new tuscan chicken sub. it wasn't core, but it was really really good. today i had a huge core tossed salad for lunch. my friend and i are meeting tonight for water aerobics. i read where you did some water exercises in the pool yesterday. don't you feel proud of yourself? i'll bet you had fun, too. that's an adorable kitty. i am more of a cat person than a dog person. i always had a cat till curtis and i got together. he's allergic plus we travel a lot. so? no pets except for the roses.

thank you saundra. i catch myself telling other shooters what to do (like where to stand, etc...) when we're at the indoor archery range. i usually tell them i'm a retired teacher and can't help being bossy. i'll bet all your shopping is helping you stay in shape. did you find a place for water aerobics? a bubble bath sounds heavenly. i know you enjoyed yours. i like the haircut.

i'm sorry bernie is now among the gimps. i hope he gets some much needed help and is back to jogging soon.

nikki, sounds like you're doing a lot of fun stuff. makes me smile.

melissa, stay on that wagon. you don't want to get run over. remember that scenic journey does eventually get where it's going.

kathy, you are a hoot. you know what? i have tread marks on me from where the wagon ran me down.

it's time for me to head to the menu thread. have a great day, all.
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