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Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is raining, windy, and so gloomy again today. I want our nice weather to come back! The territory north and west of us got freezing rain last night so the schools all started 2 hours late. No such luck here though.

Lorraine -- Our interstates have so many accidents when the weather is bad. The main problem is that if you are in the flow of traffic there isn't a thing that you can do to avoid them either. Can you take the "long" way to school?

We have the first of our Christmas dinners tonight. DH thought it was next week and just happened to talk to a secretary today. Next year he will be chairman of the board for a retirement community - nursing home facility so it's kind of important that he be there. I'm sure glad it was his misunderstanding and not mine! And also that we found out about the correct date in time to go!

Have a terrific Tuesday, Flowers!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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