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Default Subjects of the day...

Depression, divorce, drugs, murder? Wow, holidays really do take their toll, don't they?

My sympathies to DS, Wab. I remember I broke up with my first boyfriend right after Christmas. I didn't have the heart to break up with him before Christmas because my best friend told me he had bought me a very special present. So I got him a present and waited until after. Teenagers are so dopey. (On the other hand, what would a guy do with a locket engraved with his ex-gf's initials? )

Well, all your rel's trials make my annoyance at DH seem rather minor. Second week in a row he hasn't put the garbage out to be picked up, plus we have no lock on our door because it broke a week ago and I couldn't fix it. Poor guy (?) has been working 7 days/week 12-14 hours/day because of the big job going on in the mill. On the other hand, he took the afternoon off yesterday to cover the boat in the yard. Let's see, that puts me somewhere below Work, Boat, and Sleep.

Starting a new volunteer job tomorrow. I'm going to be a fill-in driver for the meals on wheels program in town. I think they only provide meals one day a week, so it doesn't sound too taxing. I should probably get my car inspected first, though, seeing that it's overdue.

How's everyone else? Sugar, Bagz, Peachie? The Silent Bunch (Cran, Cherry, Muffie)?

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