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Oh Thank God, I am not alone!! Although they do say how nice the sanitarium is in the winter time LOL!

Dana, I knew that you would have such a great holiday w/ your boys home. Isn't it amazing how our minds see one thing, while our bodies appear something else. It is sucha motivator too!! You are going to look awesome at the X-Mas party

Pam SO nice to see you. I love your list. You are so eloquent w/ your words. How is your back?

SUe!!! Thanks for the warm thoughts and prayers. I am so excited!

Terri, SOunds like you had your hands full. Those kids w/ the T-shirt idea are great. What a tribute! Thanks for the assurance that "I am not Alone" LOL

Well Got to go.Hello everyone else!
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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