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Fellow weight warriors...... I am here today with a full heart and oh so many things to be grateful for.

Our Family just lost my cousin Janice a truly lovely woman with a sterling heart. But, from the sad news so much good comes with it and I see Janices hand in it all. She knew the value of Family and knew how important it can be. I have becuase of this reconnected with my Sweet and Oh so beautiful Cousin Shawn as well as my Mothers Brother and Sister in law. You can imagine the tearful eyes aound here. I have also found out about a connection to Moms sister who has been long lost for alot of years now so I am hopeful of finding her too. This is the glory from the storm and what a Blessing it is.

2 I am grateful for a loving Husband who has stood beside me never wavering come what may and it has had some hard times my Darlin's when I have seen other husbands desert the ship for less.

3 I am grateful for all those who love me and who I love whose loyality, love and kindness have at times kept me from deaths door and so much more.

4 I am grateful for a stable financial life after the medical havoc we suffered in finances.

5 I am grateful to still be able to make a difference in other lives small or large

6 I am grateful for life ,laughter and tears for being blessed with ability to enjoy life to the fullest down to the scent of a rose,
and manage the worst that life can throw at me with who I am in tact.

7 I am grateful for each and everyone of you who is so important to me in so many ways.

8 I am grateful for being who I am, the best and the worst. I know no other human being I would rather be. No one I would trade places with.

9 I am grateful for a loving God and the wisdom to know that sometimes you just have to trust there is a reason we can not imagine.

10 Most of all I am grateful for God's grace, all the love I have recieved in life and all the love I have given. Be it to the worthy or unworthy. Love is never wasted and only gathers momentum. I am grateful to have been blessed with a a fountain of love that ever bubbles over and spills on any one in my area. For this is my free offering to God and to life my joy at being alive seeing Gods paint brush in a sunset, the aroura borialis, flowers or a face. For all the places I have been , all the things I have seen, and all the cultures I have learned. For the beauty of humanity that is found even amidsts the worst horrors man can create. Beauty emerges.
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