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I'm here!

How quiet can it get??????

Enjoying this holiday season! BOTH college sons are home so the house is buzzing! Had a wonderful on plan thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed time well spent with my family! Yesterday hubby and I decorated the house for Christmas. We will finish today! Sheeeesh we put up alot of stuff! It looks so nice when we are finished!

My youngest was watching a video yesterday and I saw myself for the first time 44 pounds ago and was a bit shocked. I HAVE lost 44 pounds that I needed to lose and WOW......was that video a shocker! Sooooooo glad I am sticking to this plan! I still need to find a dress for hubby's big Chrtistmas party. I am going to try to hit the mall tomorrow as I have the day off.

My oldest goes back to school this afternoon...then it will get a bit more quiet around here. The good-byes never get any easier.

Well......nothing new to add. Where is everyone??? And where was everyone on the weigh-in thread on Friday????

COME ON GIRLS!!!!!!! No matter where you are on your program...we are ALL still on this bus together! Please post! We need eachother!

Dana (Hopeful to get a nice dress!)
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