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Good morning all/

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday yesterday. We went to my sisters and had a great time. She is 29 and just moved into a home large enough to hold a family gathering. I have 5 brothers and sisters. So when we get together we need room. My 5 nephews were there . Ranging from 1 year to 12. SO it was a loud day. The weather was great and travel was light. ANd guess what the first thing that was noticed was my weight loss!! They couldn't get over it. It was such a great feeling. My sisters range from a thin 6 ( I think she's adopted) to a 10 and a 12. Boy it is hard discussing your weight battle w/ someone who really can't identify with the struggle. I was sharing how exciting it was to get into a size 20 and they just had blank looks on there faces. Very supportive, just couldn't grasp the whole thing.

Well I did cave yesterday, and had more carbs than I planned on. Came home and was right back on plan. And will probably eat salad all weekend long. Weight remained the same at 236.5. I am still reataining fluid so there probably is a loss there.

I start my new job on Monday. I can't wait. I am very excited about this. I will spend the weekend brushing up on a few skills that I didn't need at the prison. I find that as each day that goes by I seem a little more relaxed knowing taht I am not going back.

Dana if you don't mind I will post the Friday weigh in. I know you have a full house again. I am no poet though.

SUe, You busy girl!!! Take care of yourself.

Pam, How are you doing? Taking care not to rush your recovery!

Terri, How was your holiday?

Lee , Hey woman where are you? Check in when you can

Mary, B00 WHere are you ? You are awful quiet on the bus!

Check in w/ you all tomorrow
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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