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Wink Lo Carb Club #10 "Ten things I am thankful for!"

Before posting, please make sure to go back to #9 and catch the latest.

Can you believe it's time for number ten! How about us listing ten things we are most thankful, especially during this holiday season!


I have the most wonderful family in the world! Not just my hubby and two sons, (21 and 18), but great parents, siblings, in-laws, etc. I am really lucky!

I know that we can count on God regardless of our religious beliefs. I heard on Oprah yesterday that her favorite saying is something to the effect of, "If you only say thank you, that is a long enough prayer." How true!

Geeez......what a cicle of friends I have accumulated these past 43 years! I am still close with some childhood friends, and make terrific friends at work who have become like family! There is NOTHING like a friend to share things with!

Geeeeeez, where would we be without them! I have listed my dreams on the 100 club dream site and should go back there and visit them after taking off 43 pounds. (But, I may cry.) NO....I will go back there. If you have not posted there, do it! Also, read those dreams. We all have more in common than you can ever realize!

5 years ago we bought our dream house. The first 18 years of marriage we lived in a modest house and saved in hopes of finding something else. Well, it's not a mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a lovely place to call HOME!

I am an administrative assistant in a Catholic elementary school. I could go elsewhere and do the same job for lots more money....but I love it there! I work with a great staff and wonderful students and families. It is indeed like a family!

OOOOOhhhhhh! How important is health??? What number should I list it at????? I am thankful for my health and hope that my body forgives me for letting it down by getting fat and out of shape now that I am exercising and eatting a good plan!

How corny does that sound???? But, hey, look around. It is a beautiful place we live in! Shame on those who want to ruin our world with evil! Evil of ANY kind!

Okay, maybe that sounds ridiculous, but I am serious as can be. When I lived a low fat lifestyle I managed to pack on all this tonage. Now that I have educated myself and have been on Atkins since June 15, and taken off 43 so far....I say WOooOOoOooOOOooooo HoOOOoOoo, if I had only known!!!

(Last but not least, gals) I am truly thankful for this website. I come here to both get and give support and can ALWAYS count on each and every one of you! I am soooooo thankful that I can, and that I STAYED, and that WE got this great group of people riding this bus to goal!

OK.... my computer time is up for today! I will catch you all tomorrow! Please post, stay on plan, move your butts and DO NOT GET OFF THIS BUS UNTIL THE RIDE COMES TO A COMPLETE STOP!!!!!
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